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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another Eventful Weekend

First off, on Friday night, the football team won 20-0 against Earlham! So, Eric was obviously very happy to get that first win. Eric's parents came down for the game, and Lindsey met me there to hang out for a couple hours. On Saturday, Eric and his dad started building our shed in the back yard. It's going to be nice to have when its all done. They didn't get all done, but Eric is hoping his dad can come back next weekend and they can get it all done.
Eric's mom Linn watched Leah for most of Saturday while I went and did my run, and then when I got home, I made Eric's dad a birthday cake. It was Iowa Hawkeyes, so he loved it. We grilled here Saturday night and had way too much food.
Today, Eric and Denny got all the rafters built for the shed, but ran out of lumber, so they will finish up next weekend.
Now, Leah is napping, Eric and his coaches are watching game film, and I'm doing laundry and cleaning up from the great weekend.

Here are some pics!

Getting ready to start building..

Friday, August 27, 2010

Good Luck Daddy!!

West Central Valley has their first football game tonight and Daddy has been thinking about the game all week.. so we're hoping they win! Here's some pictures of Leah wishing him luck :) (Really, we're just hanging out before we have to get ready to go!)

Here's a kiss for good luck... :)
What.. you didn't like it?

Okay, i'm out of tricks.. i'm just gonna lay here.. :)

Go Wildcats! :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1st day of school and Leah's 5 months old!

So, today was our first day of school with students... craziness like always.. The 6th graders are running out crazily looking for their classrooms and the 8th graders come back from Summer thinking they are the coolest thing that walked the Earth... gotta love Middle School! I didn't get a picture of all 3 of us, but we obviously looked cute and we even made it out the door 5 minutes early!
Leah's 5 months old already today! CRAZY! Eric says, "We made it!" :) She's doing great... loves daycare and playing with all the big kids. Here's some pictures from today...

Oh hi, I'm 5 months old today..

And my personal favorite... laughing like crazy...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Great Weekend..

This weekend, we had all kinds of fun. My parents ended up coming for the weekend which was great, we went to our friend Paula's Saturday night, and then Sunday, "Uncle" Tyler and "Aunt" Lindsey came out to Stuart and hung out. It was an all around great weekend! Here's a few pics from Sunday.

Not sure about the taste of her hand apparently... :)

Toooo cute :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Last day.. of Summer Va-ca...

So, today was our last day of summer vacation.. Eric and I start back to work tomorrow.. Luckily, its mostly a work day tomorrow (like a real one with time in our rooms instead of meetings!) Then Friday the meetings begin.
Leah and I spent the day together while Eric took care of football stuff. He's been up at 6 every morning just thinking of all the stuff he's gotta get done! Today he had weight lifting at 8, then painted the field, then weights at 2, the practice at 4, and then jr. high camp at 6:30.. and he's still not home yet! So, life of a coaches wife i guess... You understand if you are one yourself!
Leah was up at 6:30 ready to play.. so she must know that summer is ending too :) We ran to Greenfield today and got groceries, stocked up before the school year starts, and I was literally the only person in Fareway! Normally its crazy busy, but i guess at 3:00 on a Wednesday afternoon is the time to go!
So Leah starts at daycare tomorrow.. lets hope we make it to work on time.. Never had to be up this early and be somewhere, so we'll see! Hopefully she'll wake up at 6:30 again tomorrow so she's ready to eat and get ready to go! I'm of course not looking forward to leaving her at daycare, but I know she's in good hands, and if anything were to happen, I'm literally across the street.. so that makes me feel a little more at ease. I know she'll be fine.. She loves all the action of the other kids. She probably has alot more fun there than with Mommy.. :)

So, here's some pictures from the past couple days.

Lovin her swing.....

Who needs a pacifier when you can suck on your toes!?

I'm so strong! Loving tummy time now!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Push ups..

Well, Leah has gotten really good at tummy time lately... however, she is no longer content with just holding her head up, she now pushes her whole torso off the ground. Apparently just lifting her head just isn't high enough to see everything :) So here are some pictures of her caught in the action.. and weird, she's not wearing clothes yet again. :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So, my friend Paula makes fun of me because when I blog, I usually blog 3 different ones all at once, well, yep, I'm doing it again today.. :) Sorry Paula. :) Anyway, here's some random pictures from this week. Eric's got 2-a-days for football, and I don't have volleyball for the first time in 5 years! Amaaazing! I decided that I was going to paint our living room this week since it's way too hot to be outside! So i'll post pictures when its completely done. Leah has rolled over, but we're still waiting to get it on video. When we do, I'll get it on here! And this first one, I can't get rotated the right way.. but its cute :)

Great Grandpa Feeding Me

Last weekend, we were home for a couple days before Eric got started with football, and Great Grandpa came to visit Leah.
Also, some random pictures. This is the outfit that my grandpa and Letha got for Leah. So cute.

I found my feet!

So, about a week ago, Leah found her feet, and she can't seem to get enough of them :) This is how we see her most of time now..and again.. who needs clothes?! She really does wear clothes..just not when I have the camera out apparently!