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Thursday, December 29, 2011

More Random pics from Christmas

So, here are some more pictures from Christmas Break... all random order! :)

Weird.. leah's cooking something..

Leah's gift from my parents.. The Dora Kitchen- she loves it.

The whole family

I tried to be clever and take a picture of a picture-- Leah's christmas picture

More Majewskis

Christmas Break

Well, we are break from school for Christmas break. We got on on Thursday before Christmas and we go back Tuesday, and the students come back Wednesday.

My sister Rebecca and her family were able to come to Greene for the holidays and spent Thursday through today. Leah has so much fun playing with her cousins. She's such a little mom to "Nah" (Alaina). She's always so worried about her. Its just too cute.
So, here are some pictures from the week, and from Christmas and Christmas Eve.

Bath Time!!



Family pic try... clearly Eric and Leah didn't get the memo to smile.

The Smalls
The Majewskis

The Whole Fam