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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

18 month stats and pics

We had Leah's 18 month appointment today with our new pediatrician, Dr. Weigmann. Everything went pretty well. She was still 22 pounds, and 32 inches long, so hasn't changed much at all since her 15 month check up. She even "performed" well today with all the tasks the dr. asked her today, even showing her where her elbow and knee was. :) The dr. was pretty impressed. All she said was "Where is your nose?" and "where is your toes?" So, I, being the teacher mom that I am told her that we are WAY past learning nose and toes-- we're onto elbows and knees. :) Haha..
She got the flu shot today, and also had her hemoglobin and lead checked... just because she hadn't had that checked since she was 4 days old, and I had mentioned to the dr. that little miss Leah is a picky eater, so the dr. just wanted to make sure her counts were good. So, she had to get her finger pricked, and yep, that was awful- she hated it.. but then she got a sucker, so then she was fine :) So, we will find out the results to that and hope all is well. We are also going to have a weight check in 2 months, after our "loaded" calorie diet.. (I wish someone would put me on one of those kind of diets!) And then if all is well, she won't have to see her again until she's 2! O my lord, 2??! I don't think I'm ready!
Here are some pictures from tonight-- I swear she really does wear clothes... we just apparently only have the camera out right before or right after bath time.. :)

Telling me a story...

She apparently doesn't think I'm listening too well.... since this is the SAME look I give several 8th graders during my day of teaching... :)

and she's tired of talking to me... so she turns to Daddy..

No kisses for the camera..

Reading with Dad..

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Worst BLogger Ever..

So, lately, I guess we've gotten busy because I have NOT blogged in almost a month... or maybe its been over a month.. Anywho, its been too long!
Leah is now 18 MONTHS!!!!! Where does the time go!? She is all over the place.. She LOVES her new daycare (probably not as much as Cara and Stacey.. :)) but she can barely wait for me to drop her off in the mornings. Every morning on the way, I say we're going to Millie's, and she lights up. I say, Are we going to Millies? and she says, "YEP!" THat's her new thing... its not yes and no... its YEP and NOPE. Apparently I must say that! Also at daycare, she has gone on the POTTY! Only a couple times, but there is a 2 year old girl there that is in training, and she wants to be like the BIG GIRLS, and she has gone for Millie a few times!!! Crazy to think that she's getting that old... fine by me, GOODBYE diapers cannot come soon enough. And she doesn't use a pacifier at all at daycare.. and only at night at home.
As for what she can do at 18 months... She jabbers up a storm. THings we actually understand are things like, YEP, and NOPE, Mama or MOMMY, Dada, ALL DONE, outside, DORA, BYE BYE, backpack (from Dora), NITE NITE, and other random things we say she tries to copy..
She can find her hair, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, tongue, teeth, tummy, belly button, toes, feet, hands, arms, and my personal favorites, knees and elbows. :) She loves to be Mommy's little helper in the kitchen, and loves to stir things. She's awesome at retrieving things like diapers and wipes, and tv remotes for Mommy and Daddy :)
We have her 18 month well check tomorrow after school, so I will post PICTURES and updated stats from the dr.

As for Eric and I, we're doing well.. School and football keep us busy. Its Homecoming week here at Mason City, and no one gave me the memo that NO ONE ACTUALLY dresses up for homecoming days.. oh well, I've dressed up everyday and the kids love it. Today was 80's day and yesterday was Crazy Day. Tomorrow is Pajama Day, Thursday is Class Color day (yellow for us) and Friday Mohawk Day. Should be a good week, and HOPEFULLY we pull off a win Friday night!! GO MOHAWKS!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Another week done..

We made it through the first "real" week of school-- nice to be back to routine and teaching again.. makes the day go so much faster than all the meetings before school starts.. It seems to be a pretty good group of kids, although I've got a few kids that I know will end up being "issues" :) But I guess that is normal when you see 150 8th graders a day.. they can't all be great.

Leah's doing great at daycare, no more tears in the mornings. however, She hasn't been feeling well this week, so we took her to the dr. Friday, and she had double ear infections again (and she's up to a whopping 23 lbs! haha). SO, 10 days of antibiotics, and hopefully she will start feeling better and sleeping better.

The football team won again Friday night, so they are 2-1 so far.. that of course makes Eric a happier person to be around when they win. THey play Ames this Friday in Mason City. Then they are on the road for most of the rest of the season..... so, pretty much lots of trips to Des Moines, besides Fort Dodge and Marshalltown.

Hope everyone has a great weekend......... and what happened to those Hawkeyes?!?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Naked Baby...

So, every night after Leah gets her bath- she thinks its extremely funny to run away from us as soon as she's done being dried off.....And the result is almost always the same. She gets her way and gets to run around naked :) So here are some pictures below.

By the way, she's doing GREAT at daycare! No more crying when I drop her off in the mornings which makes it SO much easier for Mom to go to school :) The other kids love "mothering" her since she's one of the "young" ones.

We made it through the first week (3 days) of school! Only 177 to go :) haha. Not that I'm counting, but it seems that we have a pretty good class going through. It's only the first 3 days and I'm sure their true colors will come out soon. All my class sizes are under 25 except for my 4th hour that I have 33!! yep, its ALOT in one room at one time!

Also, our house closed yesterday! It is SOLD!!! THANK the LORD! Not much else to report. Hope everyone has a great 3 day weekend! ENjoy the pictures of little Missy.

Obsessed with Dora...


And her Elmo book..

Tired babe...
Time for bed!