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Monday, July 25, 2011

16 months old

A few pictures from today... 16 months old. Such a big girl.

Some things she's doing/saying: She has learned that the oven/grill is hot, so everytime something comes out of the oven, she makes a funny "aww-ing" sound. :) She also says, "aahot," for hot. She says Outside, shoes (since she knows those lead her ow-shide), Yes, Yeah, and both the yes, and the yeahs are different depending on her mood, Don't, ball, Mama (which is getting closer to Mommy), Pa Pa, Piper (the neighbor girl), ice (since she has to have ice in her sippy cup!--I'm gonna blame that one on Grandma Linn. :)). Also when anything funny happens, she says "Woaah!"-- pretty funny. She can pick out animals if you ask her..mostly dog, cat, cow, bird... still working on the sounds though. Shes getting pretty awesome at praying at meals, throwing her hands up for Amen at the end. She's also singing.. just one line, "Up above the world so high".. and its mostly just "Up above the", but you can tell we sing twinkle twinkle far too often! And i'm sure i'm forgetting things..

So, anywho- here's some pictures from her jumping on the bed today...


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Being "Outside"...

So, Leah's new favorite word to say is "Ow-shide".. and we love being outdoors. Today I took some pictures of us "Ow-shide". :)

Getting ready for our walk...

Monday, July 11, 2011

15 month Stats

At Leah's 15 month appointment, she was:

22 lbs (37 percentile)
32 inches long (92 percentile)
Don't remember the inches on the head... but it was 97 percentile! So, still a mongo head apparently :)

She got 3 shots, which she actually did great with.. She had a slight right ear infection, so we are on antibiotics to get rid of it. That was our last visit with Dr. DeVries, since we are moving and obviously changing pediatricians.. :( We will miss her!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So, like a few of my friends that blog, I too, have fallen out of the blogging loop. I always say I'm going to stay on top of things, but then life gets in the way... and since its been like 2 months since I've blogged last, A LOT has happened.
First and foremost, Eric and I accepted new teaching positions for this fall in the Mason City School district. We will both be teaching at the middle school, and teaching the same as what we taught at WCV, with Eric teaching language arts and myself teaching math (both 8th grade). We are very excited, however, sad to leave the comfort of our old jobs and mostly leaving our friends we have made the last 6 years at West Central Valley. It was a hard decision as we really do love our jobs at WCV, but we knew we wanted to get back to Northern Iowa eventually, and this was a great opportunity we just couldn't pass up.
So, we are obviously moving.. actually...already made a temporary move up to Greene. Last weekend, with the help of my parents, we moved EVERYTHING out of our house in Stuart (except for a few items still in the garage), and moved it to a storage unit in Mason City. We are currently living with my parents until we find something in Mason City to rent probably, or until our house in Stuart sells...which who knows how long that could be. We have had a few people look at it, so now we're just waiting on a (good) offer!
Eric is already going to Mason City 4 times a week as he also will be an Assistant Coach for the football team which he is ecstatic about.
As for Leah and myself, we are just loving summer. :) She's getting so big..and funny, and definitely forming herself a personality! We have her 15 month appointment this Friday, so I will post stats then.
So, here are some pictures of our summer so far...... Prepare yourself since it has been forever since I've posted! :)

Just chillin' in the driveway...back in MAY! Good lord, its been too long since I've blogged.

Eric and I's 10 year reunion.

Start of Rachel's wedding!! Leah, the flowergirl.

Cutest picture we got of her all day :)

The whole gang.

Leah and Lily having story time with Eric.

3 girls takin a bath!

First boat ride...a little chilly!

River Days 5k!

Girls Nite Out...I'm gonna miss you girls!!

First Water Balloon Fight.. Leah totally won!

Crazy hair...

Leah helping me make potato salad..