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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2 month check up!

Well, our little Leah is officially 2 months old already! Time flies-- Eric says we've made it 2 months and she's still alive and healthy, I guess we can handle it.. :)

We had her dr. appt today. She weighed in at 9 lbs, 10 ounces (not quite the TANK we were hoping for), and 22 inches long. I told the dr. I was still a little worried about her weight, but she didn't seem concerned. She said she might just be a slow gainer, so we're hoping to pack on a few more pounds before our next appointment. She was fussy at her appointment BEFORE the shots (one in each leg), then bawled for her shots, but then was fine by the time we put her in her car seat.

Today was also my friend Deanna's bridal shower at school and I of course made the cake. It was red velvet and everyone loved it! Yay!

So here are some pictures.. first of the cake..

2 months old..

Our new love of staring at the ceiling fan... who needs toys?!

All tuckered out after a day of 2 shots-- you can see the band-aid on her leg.. she's got another one on the other leg.. poor girl. She did great though!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Well, I know its been ages (almost a month!) since I've blogged. Needless to say I'd like to say I'm super busy and just get time to do it... unfornately, I'm really not busy at all BUT Leah usually gets all my attention.
So.. since I've blog last, our little Leah has become quite the "tank". :) SHe's unofficially 10 pounds! yay! We go to her 2 month check-up this Tuesday to find out the official weight. She's growing like a weed in length-- unofficial, about 22 inches. So, she's very long and quickly growing out of her 0-3 month clothes just because of how long she is. She could still use some rolls on her arms and legs though :)
She is smiling up a storm and usually smiles at Daddy alot more than Mommy which Mommy isn't too happy about, but oh well. She likes to coo and laugh and sometimes scares herself when she laughs so loud-- gives us an almost "Where did that noise come from?" look. too funny. She loves her mobile above her bed and literally will stare it and laugh for hours :) (what she's doing right now so i can get this updated!) She loves to kick her legs, play with any toys that make noise, takes baths, be in her bouncy seat, and is starting to really love her pacifier.
Sleeping is still pretty random, but doing pretty well for 2 months old. She makes it from about 10:00 pm to 2:00 am on a normal night and then usually up 1 more time before morning. The other night she made it from 10 pm until 4! Yay sleep! :)
Other than that, we are just hanging out until Summer! (except for those 5 days of school that i have to go back for! yeah, not cool, but oh well. The last week of school is pretty pointless anyways, i guess i can handle it) Eric is done with track so its nice to have him home after school but he stays busy on the weekends reffing basketball tournaments to make a little extra money (and exercise :)) But we can't wait for Daddy to be done with school, so he can be home with us-- although I know summer will be just as busy.
So, here are some pictures since I've last blogged... Enjoy :)

Loving our Iowa Shirt from Justin and Erin

Grandpa Brinkman getting a smile

Watchin Daddy cut fish..

Our try at a cure for Cradle cap :) Aquaphor and a hat.. we'll see :)