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Monday, June 28, 2010

Neighborhood Baby Shower

My neighborhood in Greene has always had wedding showers and baby showers for all of us neighbor kids, and this past weekend, they had one for Leah and Connor. Connor is Eric and Kristi Columbus's baby boy- just a little over 1 week younger than Leah, so we had them together to make it a little easier for everyone to get together. We had a great time like we always do, and Leah got some great gifts! THanks Deb and Astrid (and Mom) for putting it all together!!

Kristi and Connor and Me and Leah

with the Grandmas..

Lisa holding Leah

All the great gifts!

3 months old.. a few days late!

I'm clearly in the mood to update the blog since huh? :) Anyways, Leah turned 3 months old on June 25th! Crazy how time flies. Things she can do: continue to sleep through the night! Yay! Last night she slept from 10:30-9:00 this morning! She loves to have someone talk to her and she smiles and laughs all the time. She likes to talk in her own little babbling language. She loves her playmat and her bouncy seat and tries to kick her way out of it. She's getting very good at holding her head up for long periods of time (especially to stare at a TV..little stinker) She's ALMOST rolling over.. but still working on it. She also went to her first parade during River Days and Mommy forgot her camera... oopsy. Here are some pics:

Great Grandpa Time

Like I said, we're in Greene for a couple weeks, and Great Grandpa Brinkman just can't seem to get enough of little Leah. Here was a good picture of the both of them. Leah ended up falling asleep sitting up on Grandpa's lap.. too cute..

First Swim

We are in Greene for a couple weeks, so we tried swimming for the first time.. (well, we went in Stuart once, but I forgot my camera). Leah was ready for a nap this day, and the water didn't really seem to be very fun. She just sat there looking confused at me, like, what am I doing in this cold water? :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Post #2 for the day..

So, now that I'm on vacation I apparently have too much time on my hands :) Here are some cute pictures from tonight when we got home from the baseball game..

Summer Vacation: Day 1

Today was our first day off, and Leah must have known because she was up to eat at 5:45 this morning and then she usually fusses around 7:30 for someone to come get her.. but today she slept til 9! So, we got to sleep in on our first day! Eric made pancakes for breakfast, and then Eric and Leah napped for an hour before lunch. Eric had to go to the school to move football uniforms to the new school, so he did that, and Leah and I went on a long walk. It was kinda cloudy so I was hoping it wouldn't rain.. but we made it! Leah loves to go on stroller rides, and usually falls asleep 2 minutes into the walk, but today she was awake for the whole walk just looking around and talking to herself. Too cute. Here's some pictures.

My friend Joy gave Leah the Cat and the Hat onesie-- its so cute.

Leah playing under her new playmat from Grandpa and Grandma Brinkman

Monday, June 7, 2010

Schools out! yay!

Well, we are officially done with school! We had to go into school today for our last official teacher day. YAY! My parents came down and spent the day with Leah last THursday and Friday. They had a good time and we were glad they were able to come down and stay with Leah. Then Saturday we just hung out here and Sunday, Eric had to take a couple kids to football camp, so me and Leah laid out on the deck and got some sun-- well, I laid out and Leah chilled out in her bouncy seat in the shade. We had some relaxing bonding time (well, Leah napped) :) Me and Eric decided that she just "grew up" over the weekend and became such a big girl.. you'll notice in the pictures, her holding her head up.. which is not completely mastered yet, but she's getting there. Thursday and Friday of this week, Eric and I are taking a technology class, so Leah is going to my friend Renaes for her first experience at daycare! We'll see how she does! So, here's some pictures.

Stretching waking up from a nap..

Chillin in her swing

Almost a smile..

See what we mean by big girl! :) She just looks so grown up :) And I've decided her hair is going to be a little red.. kinda matches mine

Oh, and I was super impressed by the manicure I gave myself, so I had to take a picture :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back to school.. and Memorial Day weekend

Well, I had to go back to school last Friday, so Grandma Linn came down to watch Leah. Then Denny came down Friday,and spent the weekend with us. Eric and his dad were busy fishing, and also did some landscaping on our house. Denny went back home Monday since he had to work Monday night, and Linn will go home tonight when I get home from school. She's had some fun days with Leah. I think Leah wears Grandma out! :) Grandma brought down a new bouncy seat for Leah and she loves it. And a new rattle and she loves that too.

AND how can I forget-- the best news of our lives right now is that Leah is sleeping through the night!! I know, I'm jinxing it being so excited about it.. but as of last Friday night, she has slept from 10 pm - 6:30 every night! Last night she slept from 10-5, but she had a nice long nap last night from 7-9 so i figured she wouldn't sleep quite as long. But Mommy is loving the good nights sleep, and Leah seems to be a happier baby during the day. So, YAY! I'm sure tonigth she'll be up every other hour since I'm bragging about her on here! Lets hope not!

Grandpa and Grandma Brinkman are coming down tonight to stay with Leah Thursday and Friday for our last days of school. We can't wait for summer! Going on walks, going to the pool, Mommy getting some sun on the deck... very relaxing, although our weekends are all full for June and quickly filling up for July. It will definitely go fast! So,here are some pictures of the weekend...

Leah in her new seat...

Some of the landscaping.. We put mulch under our deck and around it with some edging. IT looks nice and we're going to plant some Hostas or something in it eventually.

Leah and her new rattle she can actually spin herself-- yep, Talented and Gifted for sure :) haha..
Looking like her Daddy more and more everyday!! Maybe the next one will look like a Brinkman :)