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Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthday Party #2

We had Leah's second party on Saturday and my parents house. Several of my family could be there, so it was nice to see everyone. She was yet again spoiled by EVERYONE with all the clothes and toys (I think she is set until Christmas!!) I made her cake which she actually seemed to like (chocolate!) and I think she had a GREAT time! She slept ALL night last night.. didn't hear a peep out of her until 7 this morning!! Tired birthday girl!
Leah in her tutu that my friend Paula had made her for her... ADORABLE!

All ready to party!!

Loving sitting in her chair and opening presents!

Playing with Alaina
Us not looking at the camera... :)

THE cake!

Laughing at everyone singing to her.

Hmmmm... do I like this??
Lily does!!


The final product.. :)

THANK YOU everyone who came to Leah's party! She's lucky to have you in her life :)

Happy Birthday Leah!! Party #1

So, it is official! Leah is 1 year old! She had 2 parties, one at Grandpa and Grandma Gabe's and one at my parents house. She got completely spoiled by everyone. Here are some pictures from the 1st party out at Denny and Linn's. Just not quite sure what to think! Am I supposed to eat this??!

Yay... I'm 1! :)


Playing with Uncle Justin :)

Cousin's Visit!!

My sister and her family came back for Leah's birthday party, so here's some pictures first of Lily, Leah, and Alaina. They all got along for the most part... we had some jealousy problems with who got to be on Grandma's lap the most, but it was so fun to see them all together!
Taking a bath!

Alaina! getting so big!!


More bath time!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oreo Anyone?? :)

So, we decided to give Leah an oreo tonight.... she stared at it for awhile... and the next thing we know, its completely gone :) I guess she liked it... clearly, she is Mommy's daughter if she loves Oreos :)