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Thursday, January 28, 2010

32 weeks!

Well, only 8 weeks away!! Eric and I started our first baby class this week. It was very informational and we had fun, but also overwhelming and makes us nervous :) It's for sure getting close. Next Tuesday, I have my last monthly appointment, and then I will be going every 2 weeks! It's getting close!!!! Baby Girl Gabe is doing great--- kicking up a storm!!

And here are some pics!

32 weeks!

Friday, January 22, 2010

31 Weeks

Here are a couple pictures from Wednesday. 31 weeks! 9 weeks to go! Thanks to my sister for the outfit as the shirt and pants are both hers :)

And here's one for Rebecca.... she was 32 weeks, but same shirt :) Enjoy Reeb!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Updated Nursery Pics

So, I told you forever ago, I would put some pics up of the nursery after we got it painted, and today we have yet another day off of school due to the lovely ice storm, so here's the update. Its now DONE being painted, and we got the crib put together and the changing table. No decorations yet, but its getting there. Here are some pictures of the process.

And we were supposed to have our first Baby class tonight at the hospital, but due to the weather, it has been canceled. Let's hope we don't have an ice storm on March 24th. :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

30 weeks!

I'm 30 weeks this week!! Only 10 weeks to go! I'm feeling good, although I can defintely tell I'm getting bigger, as little things like tying my shoes is quite the task :) Baby Girl Gabe is VERY active, and kicks all the time--- except when you put your hand on my stomach to feel her, and then she will stop! Little stinker. But usually you can admire her kicks from a far and just watch my stomach move. I told Eric we might have a little soccor player on our hands, and he definitely wasn't having that comment. Soccor apparently is NOT the sport of choice he would like his daugher playing. :) She also likes to kick for a good 20 minutes when I get up to go to the bathroom at 3:30 every morning. She needs to learn quickly that 3 AM is not play time.... :)

And P.S., the pictures of the nursery are coming.. promise. We painted and Eric said he needs to "touch up" some spots before I"m allowed to take pictures.. I of course, think it looks great! Mr. perfectionist painter I guess.. :)

29 weeks

Alright, well, I was 29 weeks last Wednesday, and forgot to put up a picture, so here it is! Eric took it before school one morning so I'm not exactly awake or thrilled that my picture is being taken :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Baptismal Cake

Well, I had to make a baptismal cake for my friend Paula. Her son Carson is getting baptised tomorrow, and she asked me if I wanted to make the cake-- of course I did!! :) So, that's what I spent my morning doing. Turned out pretty well- the frosting was being a little uncooperative, but I told Paula that at least it will taste good if nothing else. :) Eric was busy taping off the baby room getting ready to paint. However, we have yet to actually start the painting. Eric had to ref this afternoon at a jr. high girls bball tournament so I decided I would go with him and watch. Our jr. high girls were playing at so at least I would know one of the teams. So, the painting will start (and hopefully end) tomorrow, so I will post pictures then.

Here are a couple of the cake and Eric reffing :) Enjoy!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow days...

Well, we had a snow day today, and are already called off for tomorrow! Crazy weather. Anyways, today Eric and I got the extra bed moved into our office, and cleared out the baby room and closet and its ready to be painted- now we just wish we w0uld have bought the paint so we could be doing something with these 2 snow days. We're hoping the blizzard conditions settle down tomorrow and we can get to Des Moines to get some paint, and then the fun begins :) So, here are "before" pictures of the nursery, and be looking forward to updated ones!!

Boring plain room...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

28 week appointment

Well, I had my 28 week appointment yesterday- actually I'm almost 29 weeks, but I had a lot done yesterday. I had to get my glucose testing done, so I had to drink a lovely orange drink-- actually wasn't that bad. Then I got weighed--- and that was bad! I gained 9 pounds since my last appointment. WOW! The dr. tried to make me feel a little better by telling me that everyone usually has one month where they really pop--- apparently this was my month! I, however, should have laid off all the good food over the holidays! Good lord!
So, after the initial weight gain shock, I had to get my Rhogam shot, which, its a shot, so obviously it wasn't the greatest. It burned a little but she said it was supposed to, so I guess it went fine. Then everything else was normal. Listened to the heart beat which was 154 yesterday, and blood pressure was good. Then I had to go get my blood taken for my Glucose test and they said they would let me know the results this week! So, lets hope they come back okay!
And lets hope we don't get a snow storm and blizzard in the next couple days or we are going to be going to school until July!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome to our Blog!

Well, if some of you didn't know, we're pregnant :) We are due March 24th, and are very excited as it's quickly approaching. We found out we are having a little girl which Eric was a little bummed about, but after hanging out with our neice Lily over CHristmas break, I think she has made him change his mind about having a little girl.

We got registered over Christmas break, and also purchased a crib and changing table, which makes is all seem a little more real. We are in the process of getting started painting the baby room and getting it all set up.

I've got my 28 week appointment today and am getting my glucose testing done and my Rhogam shot, so hopefully the results come back okay. I will let you know!

And here are some pics....

22 weeks

25 weeks

27 weeks