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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

We went home this weekend to celebrate Eric's dad's 59th birthday. I made him a Hawkeye cake because he loves the Hawkeyes more than anyone I know :) Here's a couple pictures of the cake, and some other randoms from the week.

Back to work tomorrow-- still no kids until Wednesday though! Just meetings and more meetings.

Leah laying on the floor reading Elmo..

TOooo close..

Daycare tires me out Mom..

The cake...

Helping make Puppy Chow.. you can't tell by her face, but she did love it. :)

Her newest favorite activity to do....all the time... tampon anyone?

Monday, August 22, 2011

1st day of Daycare!!

Well, Eric and I FINALLY started school today.. just new teacher days.. Students don't come until the 31st. We met alot of new poeple.. 3 who will be new in our building along with us. I think there was around 22 new teachers for the district, and Eric, myself, and 1 other guy were the only not new "new" teachers..
So, we definitely felt "old" in the bunch... but it was still good to get started and get in the swing of things.
Obviously with us starting school, it was Leah's first day at daycare. She got a good report.. She had 2 naps! SHe's not used to being woken up at 6:30 to go anywhere these summer days.. So, she napped at 9:30 for about an hour, and then napped again from 1-3. Tired girl! I think it will be early to bed for ALL of us tonight. She only cried a few times today I guess, and otherwise, she was Millies (our daycare lady) little shadow. She said she was definitely attached, but hopefully that will get better when Leah gets more comfortable there. She even ate a few bites of Macaroni and Cheese which she would never eat for me! SO, that's good! We'll go back tomorrow and hope for an even better day! Here are a few pics of her from this morning..

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

End of Summer...

Well, with school starting next week for us, summer is coming to an end.

We are all moved to Nora Springs into our rental house, and are getting settled. Eric and I have had co-teacher meetings, and I have met my co-teacher as well as met the other 8th grade Math teacher doing some curriculum in the end of July. Eric is busy with football-- hard to believe their first game is next Friday (before we even start school!)
We start Monday with new teacher meetings, and then the kids don't come back until the 31st! Yes, we're going til June for sure..
We've got Leah's daycare all set up, and have already been there to visit, and are going tomorrow again to get Leah adjusted, so she doesn't freak out (as much) when I drop her off there Monday morning!

West Central Valley goes back tomorrow, and it is very weird to not be going back with them.. I miss the staff already and of course my friends.. but hopefully we have made a good move to get closer to home and love our jobs equally here as we did at WCV.
I guess I haven't taken many pictures of Leah lately.. but here are a few since I've blogged last.

Eating lunch.... and watching Dora..
oh Hi..
We love melon... and chips.

oh wait..I forgot about Dora..
Seriously.. mom, move my cup so I can see better!

Starting on facebook early...